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How to Download Instagram Photo Online?

  1. First, open or Instagram mobile app and open the photo which you wish to download.
  2. Get the photo URL:
    • On web browser:Open the photo in new tab and copy its URL from URL bar on the top.
    • On Instagram mobile app: Tap on more options and copy share URL/Copy link.
  3. Paste the URL of the photo in the above input box.
  4. Now, Click on the "Download" button to download Instagram photo.

About Instagram

Social media has grown all over the internet and people are spending every significant time on it. As they always want to share about their day with friends and family. Mostly they share their everyday moments with stories and their important memories through photos in a permanent post. And they need Instagram photo downloader to save those photos on their mobile. Before the introduction of the photo-sharing app, people used to share their feeling through text but now the time has changed and now people are only sharing photos and videos for communication on social media. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the top social media platform that is Instagram.

Instagram is the top photo-sharing app on both android and iOS. It has more than 1 billion registered users. People are uploading their photos and videos on this platform regarding their day to day activities. As it helps them make their photos more beautiful with its filters and strikers. But there is a restriction on this platform that everyone hates. It does not allow it to allows its users to download photos. Maybe you scrolling your Instagram feed and suddenly you liked the photo of your favorite actor or celebrity and you have you want to save it, you will only be left with one option to take a screenshot of that photo.

Before Instagram used to allow images only in square frame format and but now they have changed this requirement and users can upload their photos in landscape and portrait formats too. So you must take advantage of this thing and upload your photos in different formats. So, taking screenshots will not get the photo in its original format. So it not be consisdered as reliable option. As the resolution of that screenshot image is really poor.

Instagram is becoming a tough place to get noticed by people around the world. As today every company is moving towards Instagram to promote its brands to the youthful audience of Instagram and every professional photographer is always uploading their best work to get noticed for their work. So we suggest if you are serious about promoting yourself or your work on Instagram. Then you must learn photography and professional photo editing to improve your photos. And try to upload a photo of widkh 1080px by 1080px in size. Instagram will do compression on that image and it will take it to 600px by 600px to display it right on the screen. As people want to get more and more likes on Instagram. These high-quality photos can be downloaded to set them as your desktop wallpaper or home screen of the mobile. People always running behind likes is affecting their mental health. So, now Instagram has started hiding likes count on their photos.

Using Instaneek to download Instagram photo

There are a lot of restrictions on Instagram. One of the main restrictions of this photo-sharing app is that it not allow its users to download photos from app or desktop website. They have this restriction because they want their users to come back each time when they want to see their favorite picture. Other restrictions is that it does not allow to view Instagram profile picture in full size, people use third-party of view other profile picture in full size.

Users are always looking for solutions to surpass these restrictions and enjoy Instagram as much as possible. We have created this Instagram photo downloader to surpass on the restriction that does not allow Instagram users to download photos from app or website. This tool can be used to save photos from Instagram to your device local storage. is a website which can be used to download Instagram video and photo from or mobile application. It is one of the most simple, easy-to-use and best Instagram Photo Downloader available on the web. There is no feature or option on Instagram to download a photo. So, you can simply download any Instagram photo by just getting its URL and using that URL on our website. After, using Instagram Photo link on our website. You will be redirected to the next page from where you can download an Instagram photo in jpg format.

Bookmarking Photo on Instagram

Bookmarking is another method which can be used by Instagram users to save photos to see them later. Although bookmarking photos is a good choice as in this method the photo will remain saved on the Instagram servers and you can access that photo anytime through the Instagram app. In April 2017 this feature was updated to let users organize their photos in different collections. But you will always need an internet connection on your device. As the photo will remain on cloud servers of Instagram.

Now, Instagram has started offering a similar feature like facebook's "Download your information". With the help of this feature, you can download all your information related to your Instagram profile. All the data will be given to you through a download link which will be given to you through registered email on your Instagram account.

Saving Instagram media on iPhone

Although, Instagram has developed an app for its iOS users, which can be downloaded from the app store. Even 50% of all overall Instagram users are on iOS. They are providing all functionality similar to their android app. But even in the iOS version of their app, they have not added any feature for downloading photos from their app.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for all iPhone users who want to use Instagram photo downloader to save high quality photos.

Open the Instagram app and choose the photo which you want to download. Copy its links from options of the image. And paste that link on our Instagram downloader to save that photo in your iPhone.

Is it fair to download images from Instagram?

Instagram photos can be downloaded using our photo downloader tool. And Instagram itself does not prohibit you from reposting of photos but it is important to take prior permission from the original owner of the image before reposting their image on your Instagram profile. If you had posted an image on Instagram, then you own the following rights related to that photo :

  1. Prohibit people from copying your photos.
  2. Grant rights related to your photo.
  3. Stop other people from editing your photos and using them as their own.
  4. Take royalty for your photos.
  5. Ask people to remove your photos from their network or Instagram profile.

Is it possible to stop others from saving my Instagram image?

There are two types of accounts on Instagram, private and public. Photos in the public account are visible to everyone and people don't need to follow you to see your photos. Anyone can like and comment on those photos. As these photos are accessible to everyone. So anyone can download or take a screenshot of these photos. In the case of private account, photos are not accessible to everyone. Only people whose request you have accepted can see your photos and save them by using private Instagram downloader or making screen capture feature in their mobile or desktop.

Is it save to this Instagram downloader?

Yes, it is safe to use this Instagram downloader. As it will not require any of your details related to your Instagram account. Just get the URL of the image that you want to download and paste in that URL in the input field of Instagram Downloader. You will not be required to login to your Instagram account. If any other photo downloader is asking you for your login details then you must avoid that. As it can suck your data from your Instagram account.

How much will it cost to use this tool?

Many Instagram downloader tools on the internet would charge you a certain fee or they will require you to download apps from their website. And sometimes they can ask you for your data, which they can sell other advertisement agencies.

We have created this Instaneek keeping in mind all your requirements and it is free to use and you don’t need to fill any survey for downloading photos from our website. You can download as many as photos you want and we will not charge you even a penny.

Note: There are two types of accounts on Instagram that are private and public. Our server can only access Instagram photos and videos from accounts, which are public. As private accounts e are only accessible by their followers.